Former Paranoid Iowa Banker Reveals The Only Safe Place He (And His Partners) Achieve 3X, 4 X, Even 5 X The Yield of CD’s, Money Markets, Stocks and Even Bonds – With Less Risk!

Dear Fellow Investor:

Did You Know That Over The Last 12 Months You Could Have Easily Made 3 X, 4 X even 5X The Yield You Have Been Getting In Your CD’s, Money Markets or Bonds with pretty much the same or even LESS RISK as these conservative investments??

Former Iowa Prison Guard turned bank owner and real estate entrepreneur Darin Garman standing outside of Family Merchants Bank as owner and member of the Board of Directors.

Hi there, my name is Darin Garman – Many people know that for the last 19 years I have been North America’s #1 Investment Real Estate Specialist acting as a consultant for many investors across America.  For some of those 19 years, however, I not only was part owner of a large Iowa Bank but also sat on the Board of Directors of that bank.

Before being an investment real estate expert and bank owner things were not always this way.

You see nineteen years ago, prior to being the owner of a bank or the investment real estate expert that I am today I was actually a Prison Guard.  Yep, you read that right, a Prison Guard.  Right out of college (I majored in Criminology) and in my early 20’s I worked with inmates day in and day out.  This career working in the “slammer” went on for about four years…until Napoleon Hill turned my life around.

Why am I saying my life changed thanks to Napoleon Hill?…Who is this Napoleon Hill??

Well, one day while working at the prison an empty liquor bottle was found in a garbage can right outside of my office.  Of course I had no idea how an empty liquor bottle got inside the prison walls and into the garbage can outside of my office, but the Warden wanted some answers from me.

As I am sitting outside of the Wardens office, waiting to be questioned about the “incident”, I spot a worn out book on a book shelf.  The title of the book was “Think And Grow Rich”.  Of course the author is Napoleon Hill and it’s been a self improvement best seller for decades.   Of course at the time I had no idea.

Anyway, I started reading this book and it had a huge impact on my outlook in life.  Such an impact that soon after I read this book I quit my job there at the prison to pursue a burning desire.  The desire to work in the world of finance, banking and investment real estate..  Specifically Heartland Investment Real Estate.

Why? Why would I do this?

Well, I did it because I thought it would be profitable and also a lot of fun.  I mean it had to beat the prison guard scene.  So, being new and of course wet behind the ears, I swallowed hard and jumped out of my prison guard job 20 years ago right into the world of finance, banking and investment real estate here in the Heartland of America.

…But It Was What I Discovered As A Bank Owner and Member of Its Board of Directors That Was Truly Unbelievable.

You see, when you own a Bank and sit on its Board of Directors you are exposed to many, many things.  One of the things you are exposed to is the financial health and cash flow of many of the banks customers, especially when they are looking for financing.  Their cash flows, financial statements, etc. are all exposed.  You see it all – their total financial picture and you get to see how well they really are doing on their investments.

Also, as a banker you have to be pretty darned conservative too at what you are looking at which means really you are very skeptical about a lot things, especially when it came to investments.  Heck, IT WAS MY JOB to be skeptical and critical of investments that our customers, especially our TOP customers were involved in since it could have an effect on the bank.

But, Even With My Critical Banker’s Eye, I Was Surprised At How Their Investments Were Not Only Producing Way Above Average Cash Flow and Yields But Also How Fast Their Net Worth Was Growing…

Well, after a couple of years of seeing this over and over again and consistently reviewing the banks TOP customer financial statements one morning  IT HIT ME LIKE A BRICK WALL!  I finally started seeing an interesting and verifiable trend to all of this and these customers —  Are you ready for this?

1. High Motivation For Achievement & Changing Their Financial Circumstances.

2. Knew Ahead of Time What They Wanted Out Of Life In Terms of Lifestyle, Wealth and Income and Worked Hard to Get It.

3. Was Not Part of An Investment that Required A Lot of Personal Time and Management and…4…

Most of These Guys Owned and Made Large Profits From Owning Heartland Of America Investment Real Estate!

You see, almost all of these guys owned all or part of an apartment property (in many cases multiple properties) located in the Heartland of America.  That is correct!  It was actually weird how almost each and every one of these customers had this commonality

Plus here’s the interesting thing –


Since that time I’ve found out the ultimate “hands down” investment formula that no one really ever talks about.  It’s almost like a secret society; the way conservative investors have kept this information to themselves; the documented profits that I have on file that these investors have achieved far exceeds any other typical conventional investments that I mentioned before like CD’s, Savings Accounts, Money Markets, Stocks and Bonds AND in many ways these investors are achieving these results with LESS RISK.


This Formula Has Allowed Investors To Achieve The Investment Yields, Cash Flow and Ultimately the Lifestyle They Wanted FASTER and with LESS RISK.

Formula Case Study #1: Property: 12 Units 3 Year Return Just On Cash Flow 9.22% 5 Year Return Just On Cash Flow: 8.92% Overall Return 10.77%

I tell you, you haven’t seen anything until you hang around my office for a week and rub elbows with these people…most of whom make you wonder why you’ve been investing your money the way you have been or approaching investing the way you have been.

So, years ago when I learned that there was a secret “4 Step Heartland FORMULA” that existed -where low risk, high yielding Heartland of America apartment properties were behind these investors success it became my mission to:

A)  Own and Learn As Much As I Could About Heartland Investment Real Estate.

B)  Get this easy to follow 4 Step Formula out to as many investors as possible.  I did not want this to be a SECRET anymore!

For years now this has been my mission and you may already know this.  Also, as you are probably aware, since my time as the Bank Owner and Board Member I have taken this formula very  seriously and:

  • Have Been Involved in Over $400,000,000 ($1.4  Billion If It Was California) In Heartland of America Investment Real Estate Transactions.
  • Own, personally, over $19,000,000 in Heartland of America investment real estate all or in part.
  • Manage 26 Heartland of America Investment Real Estate Partnerships.
  • Have become one of North America’s most respected Apartment Property Specialists.
  • Have Hundreds of Investors Involved In Owning and Profiting From The Same Formula That I Have Been Using Since I Learned While I Was The Owner of That Bank.

What I have done as a result of my banking experience is create a REAL PROVEN FORMULA where anyone that does not have the time, an interest in property management or have ANY investment real estate experience can get real access to this same Heartland of America Investment Formula that will give them the yields, cash flow and lifestyle that they want and deserve—much, much sooner than they would have thought.  Plus, it beats the pants off of the conservative investments that I was involved in as a banker like CD’s, Money Markets and Bonds with equal or even LESS RISK!

So, Do You Want The “Chips” You Really Deserve In The Next 3 – 5 Years or Would You Rather Forget All This and Wait Another 10 – 20+ Years??

Formula Case Study #2: Property: 36 Units 3 Year Return Just On Cash Flow 12.22% 5 Year Return Just On Cash Flow: 8.66% Overall Return 11.9%

“Chips” is my word meaning “the lifestyle and income you want”.  That is really what the 4 Step Heartland Formula accomplishes.  It takes away years of conventional conservative savings, years of constantly looking for that right investment opportunity as well as eliminating any past investment mistakes you may have made.  Using my formula gets the investment results you are looking for at LEAST 10 YEARS EARLIER!


The 4 Step Formula Only Works With Heartland of America Apartment Properties.  It does not work on California property, Texas, Florida or in “hot markets”.  It  ONLY works in the Heartland.



Because of the Heartland conservative apartment property valuation methods (CAPVM), pricing, rents, property expenses, management, cash flow AND frankly quality of life.  That is correct, quality of life plays a huge role in this.  Housewives’ putting laundry out to dry, block parties, little league baseball games, county fairs, soda fountains, family style meals, Mom’s apple pie, work ethic, etc.

Frankly, this is why some people who have used my formula EXCEPT for the Heartland Apartment Properties To Invest in have failed and even LOST their ENTIRE INVESTMENT.  They followed all steps but THIS ONE!  Just make sure its not you and you find out the hard way that this formula needs to be followed to the “T”.

Fantastic Returns, Cash Flows and Results Even During Economic Downturns

Also, to give you an idea as to how well these investments work, even during the economic downturn in the US over the last couple of years AND even when in many places real estate properties and values have hit all time lows – Heartland of America apartments not only maintained their value but also INCREASED IN VALUE AND CASH FLOW during the economic downturn. Did you see the previous examples above?

It is important to work with someone that has 20 + years experience in banking and real estate (vs. talk) and has their own money in the properties (vs. saying it’s a good buy). Here I am at a Heartland of America 18 unit inspecting a furnace.

If you would have invested Heartland of America Apartments with me in 2009, at the height of the ‘down economy’ you would have realized a low risk 7.7% yield on your money and been in a safer spot than a bank CD, Money Market or even Muni Bonds.  On average, here are the yields of just one of these partnerships that I have been a member of and managed over the last 5 years. (Rates

Don’t worry, I won’t show you what you would have accomplished over a 7 year period – it would just make you angry.

These returns could have been yours IF you would have just known about this at the time.

Cash Flow Checks In Your Mailbox Every Quarter And You Can Even Invest Your IRA or 401 (k) For High Yield Tax Deferred Profits!  Its Easy!

If you can fill out the one page of paperwork to open a CD you can get involved as an owner in Heartland of America Apartments And Get Your Quarterly Checks. Heck, You Can Even Invest Your IRA or 401 (k) to take advantage of my formula—tax deferred! It is easy to get involved in Heartland of America apartments as an owner and get the high yields you have been looking for and have

This is my family spending time together at the University of Northern Iowa football game! The Garman’s are big fans of Panther Football!

a big smile on your face when you get your mail from me.  Some people get intimidated with this and think this is something they need to learn about first, take courses, spend money, etc.  Nothing is further from the truth.


I have done ALL THAT for you. You see when you get involved in these conservative apartment properties I take care of all of the details—just like an investment fund manager.  That is correct, you work with me (and my 20 years of investment real estate management and banking experience) in a one on one relationship and everything is taken care of.  From the management of the cash flowing apartments to the tax return preparation, from the quarterly cash flow checks coming to you to the monthly reporting of how your apartment property is doing – it is all taken care of for you.  There is no experience needed since you will not be asked to make or get involved in any of the management decisions.  Nothing could be easier even with a IRA or 401 (k)!

Not only does this allow you to invest easily it also allows you to sleep at night as well, knowing your investment is being managed by an expert with over $400,000,000 in investment real estate experience.

How Much Do I Really Believe In this Formula???…Really…

Did I tell you that I have my own PERSONAL ‘Regular’ and even 401 (k) MONEY invested in these apartments as well?  I think it is very important to know that when investors decide to put My Formula To Task In Heartland of America Apartments they will also be investing with me – together!  My money is in each and every deal as well!  So, when I am working on your apartment investment property I am also working on mine as well.  I am sure you will agree that it is important to work with someone that has the experience (vs. talk) and has their own money in the properties (vs. just saying it’s a good buy).

This Formula Gives You The “Place” For High Yield Conservative Investing With No Strings   Or Surprises Attached— It Is So Easy, Hassle Free and Profitable!

I know that I keep saying that in my opinion Heartland of America apartments are safer than CD’s, Money Markets and Bonds and again I am including IRA and 401 (k) money here too.  You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about especially coming from a former bank owner and member of the bank Board of Directors.

But I would ask you to think about this.  As you know the FDIC insures bank deposits to the tune of $250,000.  But over that, what happens?  Bottom line is you are NOT insured.  Not only that but there is currently a record of bank failures that are in process and still going on at a rapid pace.  I wonder how your bank is doing?? When a bank fails and you have money in the bank over the FDIC amount it is NOT insured.  Plus there is always danger of a run on the banks.  Just last week one of my investment partners took out $130,000 from a CD and put it, guess where, a fully occupied apartment property.  He has a lot of his wealth here with me in Heartland of America but wants some quick cash around and does not trust the banks – and – he chooses a apartment property.  And this is just banks.

Darin Garman inspecting a 15 unit property he owns with partners. Darin inspects all properties monthly to ensure quality returns, cash flows and resale.

When it comes to bonds, especially municipal bonds, I think you are asking for trouble.  Right now there are a record number of cities, counties and municipalities that are defaulting on their bonds or in danger of doing so.  If people are telling you they are not—you KNOW that means that they are.  I hope you do not own any of those.  You know the stock market is always up and down and with resources like oil and commodities going all over the place you are definitely taking chances.  Then there are money markets.  Money Markets are NOT insured (unless at a bank) and are returning a whopping 1.07% as of the writing of this letter.  1.07%!!  Really??  You deserve better!

Diversification, Safety, Cash Flow And The Return Your Personal Wealth Deserves

Look, I can tell you personally the benefits of being involved in these apartment properties as an owner.  To date I have an ownership interest in over $19,000,000 and the majority of my personal wealth is in this real estate.  Yes the returns and the cash flow checks are nice, however, it is what else the real estate gives.  Time!  Time to do the things I enjoy like coaching my sons football team, going to watch my favorite college football team (and of course the tailgating too!) spending time watching my daughters play basketball and soccer.  Spending time with my wife of 22 years!  Look, this isn’t get rich quick stuff, I know you are smarter than that, but what this investing does is gives you not only twice to five times the returns of CD, Bonds, Etc. but the TIME to spend on your life, on the important things.  That is what really makes this exciting.  You can do this without adding another thing to your TO DO list.

Now is Your Chance To Actually See My Formula In Action

Only a few times a year I have openings in my Heartland of America Private Partner Program.  This program is designed to show investors like yourself – live and up close – just what a great fit these properties are and to see what you have been missing out on.   You see, I AM INVITING YOU TO JOIN ME HERE IN THE HEARTLAND PERSONALLY AUGUST 24-25th 2013 SO YOU CAN SEE THIS INCREDIBLE FORMULA AND THE INCREADIBLE PROPERTIES FOR YOURSELF.  THAT IS RIGHT—I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME—COME HERE AND DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT AUGUST 24th—Time 8 AM—8 PM!!

You see, I know the timing of this may not be the best but unfortunately we cannot make great profits on a whim.   Being at the right place at the right time plays a big part in this and I have just a few openings NOW in my Private Partner Discovery Day on August 24th and SERIOUSLY, you need to be here!

This Is Me (red shirt pointing) Showing My Last Group of Private Partner Participants What I Look For When Inspecting A Heartland of America Apartment Property. After this tour we stopped and chatted with the management staff and accountants who answered participant's questions.

As a former bank owner, founder and member of the Board of Directors let me assure you that Heartland of America is the place and NOW is the time.

Just Wait Until You See The Formula And These Properties In Action!

Look, I know you are going to be busy with activities and other things going on throughout the year and its easy to get sidetracked.  However, if you are serious about achieving high yields and giving your net worth that ‘Quantum Leap’ you need to join me in the Heartland LIVE AND IN PERSON — It’s That Important..

Look at it this way, what a great way to get your 2011 investments started AND take on this crappy economy and make money, build your wealth (including your IRA and 401(k) too) FASTER than anyone else.  Get out of the day to day bad news the negative headlines and the constant cloud that is hanging over the financial world…Say Good Bye to that!!!  I have a much more profitable PROVEN PLAN—RIGHT HERE—RIGHT NOW!


You need to have a minimum of $25,000 of regular, IRA or 401 (k) assets

to become one of my Preferred Private Partners.

Why?  Why The ‘Criteria’??

Because Of The LIVE Advanced FORMULA IN ACTION Information And The Never Before Seen Apartment Opportunities You Will Be Exposed To And The Networking  With Other Private Partners Requires this much in investment monies.

So, I know that I am risking disappointing some and offending others by keeping the investment minimum at $25,000, however, because of what you will see and how much you will profit—I have to have these prerequisites.   Again most that become one of my Private Heartland Partners invest $100,000 or more once they see what is going on but the minimum is $25,000.

Here is Why You Really Must Take Advantage of This…

First I want to tell you that I am EXCITED about this and the profits these Heartland of America properties will be producing over the coming years. Especially in the near term.  You will be ‘nose to nose and toes to toes’ with opportunities to grow your wealth like you have never seen before.  Here is where I bring it all together for you, as my partner,  and show you REAL WORLD how and why these properties will profit and provide the kind of conservative yields you would have to be crazy to ignore….and…

We are not even at the appreciation part of these properties yet..

As A Member Of This Small Heartland Private Partner Program You Will Be Witness To:

  • How, By Using The Formula, These Heartland Properties Can Be Bought At A Discount and How Much They Will Cash Flow.   These Properties Will Surprise You!

One of the AMAZING things you find as a Heartland Private Partner is the profits that come from apartments like this 8 unit pictured here.

As one of my Private Partners I will give you the exact approach that I use when taking the properties over, managing them for large cash flows and higher than average returns and then selling the properties for high prices.


We will go over owners motivation, what they are missing that I have picked up on and how the properties will be taken from their present values and cash flows to what I REALISTICALLY expect them to be in the next 2—3 years.  We will do this on every property.  Once we are done looking at each property you will have take a long notes and information that will guide you through the process on investing, owning and selling each property for large profits if you choose to.


  • How I Use The Formula and Make Sure Each of These Properties Not Only Increase in Value, Cash Flow and Overall Return But Also Making Sure They Throw Off Large Income Tax Deductions

One of the best benefits of owning great Heartland of America apartments and commercial properties is the large amount of tax savings realized by the owners.  Most people talk about return and cash flow of a good apartment or commercial property and that IS important —no doubt.


But another LARGE piece to the puzzle is income tax savings.  There is nothing like having the properties produce large cash flows but then having a large portion of those cash flows sheltered from taxes.  Heck, we can even have our entire profit from the sale of the property sheltered if we want!  There is no other investment that can do this for you and we will go over—in detail — how we are going to be able to do this.


  • Why The Heartland of America Is Economically Sound.  A Look At Employment, Industry and Quality of Life

Before I told you that while many areas of the country saw massive losses in real estate the Heartland has been doing very well.  One of the important things about the Heartland of America is the quality of life.  Well, in order for a good quality of life you need to have a solid and diverse economic base.


As my Heartland Private Partner we will also take a look at Heartland areas larger employers as well as industry, schools and community social activities.  You will get a realistic feel for what it is like to live here and why the properties do so well here and see firsthand why these properties just keep working and working!



  • Property Management, Reporting, Cash Flow Distribution Checks and Legal Questions Answered

Leaving the Hotel in the evening with a few of the many Private Partners and Headed for Dinner. From left Darin (me), Yogesh, Jason, Dr. Fausch and Walt from Maryland.

Two items that are as equally important as cash flow and increases in property value and tax savings are property management and reporting.  I will take the time and go through step by step what our property managers do what our attorneys and accountants do and get your questions answered.  This is a great chance for you to go behind the scenes and not only get a feel of comfort for all of the gears that make this work so well but you will also get to have your important questions addressed by me.

I know, we are going to cover a lot of things, especially in the beginning of your Heartland Private Partner time with me and that is the way it should be.  I will also cover some other points like:

How Its Possible And Even Preferable For You To Take Advantage Of These Profitable Properties But Have ZERO Management Work To Do Whatsoever—None.

  • How You Can Invest and Not Worry About Being “Stuck” In The Property And How I Work With Investors Based On How Long They Want Their Money Invested. 

  • How I Work To Eliminate Any Liability On Your Part and You Why You Will NEVER Have To Worry About Loan Guaranties, Dealing With Bankers Or Capital Calls once you own the property. 

  • How I Really Analyze A Properties Condition And How I Assess What Work Needs To Be Done And What To Avoid Doing.  Never Getting Stuck With A Bad Investment. 

  • How I Keep All Investors Updated With Open Lines of Communication—Always Knowing Where Your Investment Stands. 

  • Access To Current Partners So You Can Ask Them Questions and “check me out”. 

  • And much, much more…


Just imagine if you had $1,000,000 of capital to invest and I could easily get you say a CONSERVATIVE 8% return on this—JUST IN CASH FLOW—Would you take $80,000 in tax advantaged income OR would you put it in a 1% CD or MONEY MARKET at the bank and get back just $10,000??  We are talking about 8 X the profits by just doing this ONE THING.  Amazing!

Now is your opportunity to see what my partners have already discovered.   In other words, AS MY HEARTLAND PRIVATE PARTNER YOU WILL SEE MY FORMULA IN ACTION and get exposed to opportunities that many just WISH they would have access to!

I Promise You, Your Investment World Will Never Be The Same—This Will Be The Investment Experience of A Lifetime!!

How Is That For An Easy Decision?



Darin Garman

Darin Garman, The Investment Property Specialist


August 24 —Time 8 AM—8 PM

Place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Eastern Iowa Airport for those flying)


Hotel/Accommodations: To Be Confirmed and Delivered Once Registration Is Received.

AGENDA: You will want to arrive Thursday afternoon or evening. We will meet at hotel around 8 am on Friday morning and spend the entire day together going through the Discovery Day and everything I have covered.   We will conclude one of the most eye opening and enjoyable days you will have spent in a long time by me taking you to dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant.   We will conclude with a meeting on Saturday morning.  (Once you reserve your place all details of the day and a half we will spend together will be sent to you)


**Special Notice:

If You Would Like To Come But The Dates For Travel Do Not Work For Your Schedule:

For those people that want to come but cannot make it on these dates I will record the Diversification Day and send it to you via DVD.  The DVD will not only give you a very good idea as to the properties we toured and inspected you will also get the same information that the investors received and I will also give you the opportunity to get involved IN NOT ONLY THE FORMULA BUT ANY OF THE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES too.  So, you can ‘join us if you cannot join us’.  Make sense?  Again, you will need to meet our $25,000+ qualification to get to get this and keep in mind that those that do attend get first access and first dibs on what we see.  I recommend coming in person but if you cannot this is the next best thing.   See the section on the next page when signing up.


Look at it this way, you can come into town Thursday evening, spend an entire day with me on Friday and be out of town Saturday morning and home for the weekend and have a fantastic experience!   None like you have every had before!  I guarantee it!


This is a very limited opportunity, no question, so please be serious before you jump aboard.  However, if you are serious and ready to go and meet my criteria, then, this will be one of the best decisions you will have made this year.  I think you would agree if you would have had this kind of opportunity years ago you would be miles ahead of where you are today.  So, I would be racing to get my reservation form in because the chance to forever change your financial future will go very, very fast.  Racing!




Darin Garman

America’s Apartment and Investment Property Specialist


PS #1 You have, right now, the ability to not only see for yourself and experience what very few know in how my FORMULA will forever change your investment world but you will experience profits and returns like never before—all with no extra time, effort or work needed from you and THE 25 SPOTS WILL GO VERY FAST!


PS #2 Now is the time not to be soft!  You have read this far so obviously you know this applies to you!!  Take advantage of this RIGHT NOW!  You will not only just IMPROVE your financial picture—you will forever change it! See you there!  dg



_____YES DARIN—I want to be one of the first 25 to join you on YOU PRIVATE PARTNER DISCOVERY Day!  I want to come to Cedar Rapids, IA  and spend the day networking with other like minded investors and looking at your FORMULA in action and what Heartland of America Investing is really like. I understand there will be no sales pitch and I can be free to gather more information on the properties we see or not at my option.  I am looking forward to it!

* indicates required field


If You Prefer to Fax Your Registration, Click Here For a Printable Registration Form >>


* Ability to Invest A Minimum of $25,000+ applies.


* ONLY For those attending in person I take a $250.00 deposit to hold your position and once you arrive give your deposit back to you immediately.  We are always overbooked so a deposit is needed to hold your spot.   Deposit can be in the form of credit card or  a check sent to my office address above with this registration form made payable to REMS, Inc.


All information held in strict confidence.  We hate spam as much as you do.  Your information will never be traded, rented, or sold.  DG.


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