The Investment Program – How It Works


An Exciting Opportunity…

Discover the unique, safe and practical way to invest in apartments and commercial real estate…without having to deal with management or landlord headaches.

Choose from 2 Different, Unique Property Ownership Programs that best match your investment criteria.



Perfect For the Investor That Has $5,000 to $25,000 to Invest.



Be an owner of your own Low Risk Heartland of America apartment property in as little as 88 days.

Especially for those seeking higher yields – no matter your background or experience, without ever having to be a landlord!







Perfect For the Investor That Has Over $25,000 to Invest.



For serious investors wanting to ramp up quickly with at least $25,000 in regular or IRA / 401(K) money to invest.


Specifically designed to grow your wealth more in the next 9 months than it takes most people 9 YEARS.






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